God and Love – Anything that keeps you focused on love also brings you closer to God

God and Love – Anything that keeps you focused on love also brings you closer to God

Since God is Love, the only way to find God is by increasing and improving love in your daily life. To improve and strengthen our love potential, we have to increase the total energy and efforts invested toward loving actions in our daily life.

In our world of career, title and profit thinking, it is easy to drift away from our self chosen path of love toward our eternal home in God. You got all the “tools” and teachings of love already. Up to you now to stay focused in your efforts toward God.

Just as marketing experts add distraction away from your daily life and duties to make you do a purchase of obsolete items just to increase their corporate or personal profits. God also offers simple means to keep you focused on your path of love toward home. All you need to do is to accept and efficiently use God given tools and help.

Some simple, free and yet powerful means for all those using or working regularly a computer is to have a beautiful and loving God wallpaper or love wallpaper installed on the desktop. Since roses are flowers of love, of course you also could chose a rose wallpaper instead. Another easy method is to chose your favorite God card and print a beautiful color print to be placed on the inside of your home door, or office wall or any other location you see multiple times per day. Put your positive affirmation clearly visible – best visible to all – then you have your own friends, customers and loved ones reminding you of your own principles in life.

Children of God

Basically anything and everything that keeps you focused on God or Love or loving actions always keeps you safely on your path home to God. It is your own free choice and also your own responsibility to prove your readiness to love above all else. You prove love for God and Love by many simple means in your own life. Such as:

Your own choice of work and employment or self-employment

Your employer

The industry you support with your work

Your political activities

Your sports and recreational activities chosen by you

Your friends and loved ones

Your neighborhood

Your country and culture you support

Any and all of above activities and choices you made, have the power to support you and carry you on toward a world of love home in God, or pulling you away into a world of selfish profits and shoulder padding to please your ego. The choice is and always has been yours. Hundreds of Millions have chosen a path of serving mankind, such as all humanitarian workers, medical and care giving workers, all emergency and rescue teams, all farmers and several other work groups or work categories serve day by day nothing else but the wellbeing, health and happiness of others in a most efficient, direct and loving way.

Others have chosen a path of violence, such as armed forces, law enforcement and similar services that employ violence to achieve a goal or restrict God given absolute freedom of any, many or all.

Again others have chosen career, titles, high wages, social status and similar ego-feeding jobs for personal benefits without true spiritual value or a spiritual value lesser than any possible benefit. If your helping work creates any collateral damage, then your work has zero positive value but worst results in substantial karma that you alone need to dissolve in love in any number of future reincarnations.

The choice is yours and always remains yours. There is no selfish way home to God feeding your ego and pleasing God and serving all creation all at once at the same time. Love is the only path to God and thus to learn and practice to love for a full lifetime is the only safe way to find home to God.

It never is of any value or importance how you finally share your heritage and property in your last will. Even donating all to God or charity, may make no difference to your life’s overall achievement. The only thing that matters is how you actually conducted your entire life – for God, love and mankind – or for profits and prestige and personal pleasure. The fact that you have a last will to distribute accumulated values or debts and trash, may prove that you have failed to share and clean up all while alive in your body on earth.

Eternity at home in a world of love made and maintained by God is a huge incentive for a long time. Think of the temporary values you have now on earth vs a life of love amidst loved ones forever. It appears to normal common sense that any effort would be minimal compared to the infinite benefits of a world of love.

Love and Bliss


via God and Love – Anything that keeps you focused on love also brings you closer to God.


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