Sex and aging – does aging affect sex and how

When I was young I often heard from older people that they nearly stopped having sex after the age of 50. I thought that aging somehow affects sexuality and older people can not have normal sex anymore. Now, when I got beyond 50 and gained more experience and wisdom, I would like to clear up this wrong belief. Let me start with two stories first.

Some 10 years ago, I was taking care of an old guy in his early 90-es, well known name in psychiatric society, during a Congress of Psychiatry at one of the Florida beach resorts. One day I asked him about his sex life and he said that he would be happy to have sex with his wife even that very moment but they stopped doing this when he was 76 years old. The reason: his wife told him that she was not able to sustain his erection anymore due to her age. And as he told me, it happened right after he had helped her to build excellent career. The wife was 20+ years younger than her husband, also psychiatrist with a few titles, very energetic person who was constantly traveling attending psychiatric meetings, conferences   and congresses and giving lectures throughout the country and abroad. She was taking her husband always with her, but had “zero” time for him which was the reason for me to be there. When she did not need her husband anymore for career purpose and started pursuing titles and  recognition on her own, she simply stopped giving him physical attention, including sex.

Another story: Recently I met a couple, who were among my best friends 12 years ago, and was amazed when I saw that wife gained some 20+ kg. Suddenly I got a clear vision what the reason for this is and later when I talked to the husband I directly asked him how their sex life is and he got very confused and mumbled that they are already old people and mentioned some excuses to have regular sex. He is my age, retired from military, hanging around all day. I met him two more times and he always avoided direct eye contact and looked kind of guilty, without me mentioning anything about their partnership.

The common in both stories is that one of the partners denied direct physical love to the other one and pointed at aging as excuse, while in reality the reason is simple: stinginess.

Does aging really affect sex life and how?

Yes, it does. At the age of 53 I state that sex is getting better and deeper than decades ago. And since we are hungry for love every day, we have sex every day. This makes love to constantly flow between us and increases creativity – only loving and loved woman can create such beautiful Love wallpapers as the one on the picture below:

And for all those who rarely find “right time” and “right place” to have sex with their partner I would like to just mention that in the past we had sex in an airplane and in a provincial operation buss in the Philippines. And I am quite sure that God protects all acts of love and loving acts simply because God is Love.

God bless


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