Free eBook Happy Children

Happy Children

A free eBook Happy Children has been released by the Cyberspace Ashram.for Kriya Yoga, God and Love. The purpose of this ebook is to show what really is needed to enjoy happy healthy children. An eBook based on decades of travel and work experience by the author to help parents reorient life toward more happiness and love.

Look at the happy smiling faces of all children on the following pictures. Then compare these pictures with kids playing in cities, in artificial playgrounds and you can easily recognize children’s most preferred playground – God’s nature!

happy smiling children

This free eBook Happy Children  is about happy and smiling children playing safely and happily in wild nature shall be my answer to all doubts and critiques about life and safety in our world made by God. Many pictures show you the difference between a happy making environment with safe and adventurous natural playgrounds made by God vs artificial technical playgrounds.

The secret to children safety while playing in wild nature is that all those parents here allow their children from earliest age to go outdoor with their sisters and friends. Growing up in freedom, being told what to do and how to do is safely is far better way to parent children than to prohibit everything except the few things you finally allow your children to do under direct supervision of an “adult” guardian.

Children grow up faster and stronger if they are allowed to do whatever they are attracted and challenged to do on their own. The best way to educate children is to allow them all – but to teach them to do all safely and to explain them in clear words all potential dangers and how to avoid dangers by properly handle objects or situations.

If everything is allowed, then nothing has to be done in secret or hidden. Hence all playing in nature takes place in public and thus more or less under some control and supervision of adults with more experience. Accidents often occur when things have to be done in secret. Hidden from adults or parents. In hiding the natural relaxation is gone, the flow and inspiration as well. Stress occurs in children because they have to hurry to make sure no adults see what they do and under such artificial and tense situations accidents occur. The fearful attracts the object of fear. Accidents occur to show the parents that it would have been better to explain their children how to do all safely by allowing children to practice under parental or adult’s guidance and supervision the first few times. In God’s creation everything is allowed and God always is available to all to guide, to advise, to show better or safer methods or to show well in time when things risk to get out of control. We on earth could be very same – positive examples in all we do to allow all our children as well as all our neighbor’s children to do exactly what we do and do to it the way we do it.

The result of allowing children to do all – while at the same time teaching children how to do all safely or how to assess properly dangers in a particular situation will lead to more mature happy children ready to experiment on their own and to make decisions and to properly assess situations in life to avoid all accidents.

Only activities that are prohibited are of interest to children. If you allow all, then children can make up their own mind and happy children have their own mind and their own healthy judgment as well. Sometimes common sense in happy children is far better developed than common sense in unhappy adults.

This eBook Happy Children is a small excerpt from the Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition. Complete Kriya Yoga download information for all texts and pictures belonging to the 38GB free download of Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition can be found on the Spiritual Treasures.

The Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition contains the complete sacred teachings of the holy science of Kriya Yoga as previously published online for free on the Cyberspace Ashram for Kirya Yoga, God and Love website – 1997 until May 2012 – now for more convenient offline reading and free global sharing as a whole unite “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” md5sum 54d1622ea2d03c29cbce6ab7ef5ccf4a file Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2.

See the Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love Facebook page or directly visit the new Facebook page Spiritual Treasures.

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