FREE eBook Organic Farm and Gardening released

The new spiritual eBook with tips with pictures for organic gardening and little organic farms. For the purpose of this presentation, the definition garden is a peace of land from a quarter hectare up to about 1 hectare and little farm from 1-3 hectares, rarely larger. The larger your farm the more complex your work and the less quality of life you can achieve as farmer family. Based on decades of farming, gardening and traveling the world with an open heart for all farming procedures, this free eBook Organic Farm and Gardening  may help to extend your horizon and be a source of inspiration for new farming or gardening procedures, new sources of revenue for a more enjoyable and more successful life as nature loving farmers.

Small organic farm

A Small organic farm needs creative ideas to be fun and provide healthy organic food besides being a natural living environment and adventurous playground for happy children. Hence little farms need to look like organic gardens – just larger. Farming should be conducted like gardening, with love and health rather than with profits in mind. This growing tips section with pictures from various little organic farms in the Philippines and the Kingdom of Cambodia can in no way be all inclusive in teaching you organic gardening skills or organic farming skills. The purpose of these tips however is to open and broaden your mind, to show you a variety of different gardening methods or farming techniques used in both tropical countries as well as to add additional tips from my own experience as a farmer son in a totally different climate and environment in the Swiss mountains. This eBook Organic Farm and Gardening is part of the full compressed version Spiritual Treasures available as free torrent download or from fast download servers . The complete Spiritual Treasures are split into 2 compressed files, the “Spiritual Treasures – Final Edition” md5sum 54d1622ea2d03c29cbce6ab7ef5ccf4a as file Spiritual_Treasures.tar.bz2 is approximately 4GB and contains the full original Organic farming text in HTML offline surf version in addition to thousands of pages spiritual teachings on God and Love.


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